...is this even still a thing?

2016-10-06 20:03:07 by Alamus

... >.> <.< 


Holy Crap Shish-Ga-BOB!

2008-08-22 13:50:39 by Alamus

Howdy there folks, long time no see in a hella long time..
Well, I've just been busy, ya know, making video games and what not. You guys might have heard about it a title that I am working on, The Conduit from High Voltage Software. Yeah, that title and others have been sucking my time quite a bit, but there is hope!

I'm more active on Deviantart right now, but I am building up to my first actual episode. Keep yer eyes peeled peeps... :)

New Newgrounds... oooOOOooo.

2007-07-18 19:51:33 by Alamus

So this is kinda nifty. Still got to look around at it all to really get a feel for everything though. Still, its nice to see something change finally, and maybe for the better. Still, got a little bit before that judgment can be made.

So yeah, gonna come out with some new stuff soon, hopefully. That would be nice since I know some people are waiting for stuff. But my new job at a game house has been taking most of the art out of me. But now I'm making myself do things, and doing them things in the animation department (although I am horribly rusty now and am shameful to my prior glory...however much glory that was before. x.x )

But yeah, squeee!